Car second-hand


Auto Dvůr Mráz, spol. s r.o.

We provide services in selling and buying cars. We provide leasing, insurance, loans and advice in assessing and maintaining expertise.

Stanová 1887, Teplice

Ladislav Cingr, autobazar

Providing services bazaar, we import foreign motorcycles.

Pražská 76, Žalany

Jaroslav Obolecký, autobazar

Ensuring services bazaar.

gen. Svobody 1191/12, Teplice

Dubská, s.r.o.

We offer sales of used cars and leasing options to ensure insurance services.

Dubská 3162, Teplice

Auto - Complex, s.r.o.

We offer services bazaar - selling used cars and spare parts.

Riegrova 1505, Teplice

AutoCentrum Teplice, s.r.o.

We offer services bazaar. We buy and sell vehicles with the lease and securing insurance.

Jateční , Teplice

Autobazar pod mostem, spol. s r.o.

We are engaged in sale and purchase of used cars, with leasing.

Lounská 1015/6, Teplice

Autocentrum Elán, s.r.o.

We offer a service used car dealer - selling and servicing used cars.

Srbice 83, Srbice

Jiří Štěpánek, autobazar

We are engaged in sale and purchase of cars and accessories.

Teplická , Duchcov

Tomáš Ondo - Eštok - Auto Union

used-car operation

K vápence 41, Teplice

Jiří Horčic - Autokov

We used-car operation with Skoda.

Zrenjaninská 320/1, Teplice

Motonova, s.r.o.

We offer services bazaar, arrange the sale of used and new motorcycles, spare original parts.

Trnovanská 148/21, Novosedlice

High Logic, s.r.o.

Provision of sales and import used cars from EU with Counter.

Masarykova třída 484/25, Teplice

Miroslav Chroust, autobazar

Mediation service used car dealer, providing sales of cars, we offer trade-in leasing, buying.

Nákladní 1622, Teplice

Karel Douša, autobazar

We offer services bazaar - sales of passenger cars.

Dubí , Dubí

Autobazar Nádraží, s.r.o.

Mediation service for buying and selling cars, we import and securing insurance.

Nábřeží 380/1, Bílina

AutoEli Group, s.r.o.

Mediate on - line the car trade.

Petra Bezruče 69/15, Bílina

Autobazar Bílina, s.r.o.

operator bazaar

5. května 348, Bílina

Jan Slawisch Autoslužby

Provision of the garage, we sell spare parts and accessories, plumbing.

Dolní 29, Krupka

Autostar Servis, s.r.o.

Mediation service in the sale and maintenance of used cars and spare parts.

Pod stadionem 82, Krupka


We offer new and used cars.

Školní 299, Dubí


Automobile Dealers Renault and Skoda.

Srbice 96, Srbice


Offer mediation sale and importation of used motor vehicles nehavarovaných.

Riegrova 1505, Teplice


Provision of sales and purchases of cars, we also offer leasing, auto - motorcycle accessories, hand-washing.

Pražská 3226, Teplice

AutoHypo, s.r.o.

Mediation service for buying and selling cars, used car dealer offering service, the possibility of leasing or exchange of trade-ins.

Srbická 114, Teplice

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