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BRANDA s.r.o.

operating sales floor coverings

Žalanská 84, Teplice

Nábytek LUNA

Our company offers quality products from the Czech carpenter and custom upholstery for a long time if you are looking for a product according to your expectatio...

Masarykova třída 1801, Teplice

Metal Teplice, s.r.o.

We supply windows, doors and accessories are manufactured in the Slovak Republic, SLOVAKTUAL Company, Ltd., a leader in the Slovak and European market. SLOVAKTU...

Thámova 1858, Teplice

Zdeněk Jahoda

Pod Doubravkou 2899/35, Teplice

Tibor Török

Antala Staška 1710/9, Teplice


Mostecká 2020, Litvínov - Horní Litvínov


Sale of leather sofas in genuine leather with a warranty certificate, throughout the Czech Republic.

Doubravská 11, Teplice

Codin s r.o.

Srbická 470, Teplice

Jiří Rojek - Elektro JOKER - opravy praček,myček,sušiček + elektroinstalace

We offer repair washing machines, dryers, boilers.

Dělnická 377/52, Proboštov

Manufacturer and distributor of lights and lighting fixtures - PANLUX Ltd.

Kladruby 11, Kladruby

D.S.K. TRADING spol. s r.o.

Water jet cutting, cutting of metall, steel, stone, glass and plastic. Production and development of single purpose machinery, Production of mandalas, flowers of life, used design.

Újezdeček Dukla 264, Teplice

Trezorcentrum, s.r.o.

We offer the sale and manufacture of safes, gun cabinets, security doors, safes, grilles, locks, keys.

Duchcovská 434, Teplice

Zdeněk Rež

Československých legií 367/9, Teplice-Trnovany

SiM - Silnice Mstišov s.r.o.

We make a new roadway, sidewalks and parking.

K Emance 114, Dubí

Instalmont Beneš-Sárközi, spol. s r.o.

Instalmont company offers: - piping and mechanical assembly technology for sewage and water treatment plants - wide range of installation material - excellent r...

Střední 11/10, Dubí

Hedera Zima, spol. s r.o.

The company was founded to carry on business in the forestry industry in northern Bohemia, a limited liability company. Building on the supply and implementation of professional services. Selection of employees and associates are strictly subordinated to the demands hard work and qualifications for the activity.

Rtyně nad Bílinou-Velvěty 10, Rtyně nad Bílinou

Jan Havelka - HAVE

Introducing your company have, which deals with the construction of doors, gates and accessories. You will find the range that we provide in cooperation with Tekla, or we make ourselves.

Husova 355, Osek

Vykona Teplice, spol. s r.o.

operation selling metal furniture

Dubská 3155, Teplice


Plasterboard sales operation

Sadová 40, Bílina

KOVOS družstvo Teplice

operation of the production of metal furniture

Dlouhá 67/39, Teplice

Ing. Stanislav Dvořák - Zahradnictví Dvořák a syn

We offer services in the design and realization of gardens.

Emilie Dvořákové 19, Teplice

sales operation of windows and doors

Břežánská 386/4, Bílina

České okno, spol. s r.o.

operation of the production of plastic windows

Řetenická 133, Újezdeček

Dastech, s.r.o.

We represent the Czech and Slovak market, the German manufacturer of railings died a German manufacturer of construction and fitting carpenter Vormann Vormann German manufacturer of automatic door seal Athmer

Dělnická 57/17, Proboštov

Simpex, spol. s r.o.

operation garden equipment sales

U Hřiště 330/1, Dubí

Jakub Šporer-Sporerstav

V Domkách 1229/36, Duchcov


Its business successfully run since 1991. We produce plastic and aluminum windows, doors, shutters, conservatories, roller garage doors, automatic door systems and glass facades. We provide comprehensive services. In all of our business we will arrange a visit to the representations of sales representatives.

Bílina-Chudeřice 154, Bílina

CBS, spol. s r.o.

operation of sanitary equipment sales

Dubská 2404, Teplice


Sales of catering equipment and kitchens.

Osada Dukla 238, Újezdeček

STEZI PLUS, s.r.o.

sales operation of windows and doors

Dlouhá 231/65, Krupka


We offer the services of a blacksmith's art - making ornamental products.

K vápence 123, Teplice

nábytek paul

operation of the sale of furniture

Srbická 477, Teplice


operation of manufacturing fireplaces

Havlíčkova 382/6, Teplice

CASTOR plus, s.r.o.

operation of the production of plastic windows

Modlany 112, Modlany

Lešení - Petr Arnold

New and used scaffolding - Welcome Image exclusive manufacturer's representative firm scaffolding MJ Gerüst System GmbH UNI TOP MJ in the Republic and Slov...

Bohosudovská 478, Teplice


Selling and laying of roof.

Proboštovská 426/49, Proboštov


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